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SpotCell 2500 100,000 sq ft Indoor Wireless Coverage System

Boosts wireless coverage for both cellular (850 MHz) and PCS (1900 MHz) frequencies in spaces up to 100,000 sq ft (per system).*

SPOTWAVE® | 2500 100k Indoor Wireless Coverage System
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The SpotCell 2500 indoor wireless coverage system is a high-performance dual-band repeater antenna system which boosts wireless signals and ensures reliable coverage for cell phones, PDAs and 3G/4G laptop air cards.

Providing wireless coverage for enterprises and business locations up to 100,000 sq ft, the SpotCell 2500 (100K sq ft model) is Spotwave's most advanced system available, featuring support for most of today's dual band carrier networks (both 850MHz and 1900MHz), and services such as GSM, CDMA, 1xRTT, EVDO, UMTS and HSDPA.


  • Improves voice call quality and reception, ensuring employees can make or take important calls efficiently
  • Enhanced 3G/4G data performance enables quick file downloads
  • Maximize ROI on wireless application rollouts
  • No more dropped calls due to poor indoor cell coverage
  • Lowers cell phone emissions and extends phone battery life
  • Supports the needs of today's rapidly changing dual and split band carrier networks
  • Unbeatable cost per square foot in a carrier approved system
  • Quick to install and operate with no recurring costs
  • Network protecting, carrier-approved solution
  • Everything you need is included in the box


  • Fully integrated Dual Band 850 MHz 1900 MHz antenna system
  • Powerful amplifier enables up to + 85 dB of signal gain including cable loss
  • Intelligent signal processing and real time adaptive operation
  • Automatically adjusts power levels as needed to ensure a consistent coverage footprint
  • Reprogrammable (in the field) enabling spectrum or carrier reconfigurations as needed
  • Auto-Trac LED diagnostics displays aid install and operation
  • Patented algorithms and adaptive processing ensure our products will not interfere with other wireless frequencies or radio devices
  • Approved by FCC, CSA, and major North American Carriers

Works With

SpotCell 2500 improves voice and data services for most wireless service providers in North America and supports the following second and third generation wireless technologies:

  • GSM Voice Services
  • CDMA Voice Services
  • GPRS Data Services
  • EDGE Data Services
  • 1xRTT Data Services
  • UMTS Voice and Data Services
  • EVDO Data Services
  • HSDPA Voice and Data Services

Technical Specifications

Our SpotCell 2500 system is carrier specific, and therefore is able to maximize signal performance for each location - performance which traditional repeaters and in-building systems cannot match.


What's Included With Our Systems

Our systems are supplied with everything your business requires for an optimal cell signal:

  • 1 Weatherproof Donor Unit
  • 2 Indoor Coverage Unit
  • RG6 Coaxial Cables (if ordered)
  • Power Supply(s)
  • AutoTrac LED Directional Indicators
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mounting Hardware


What Coverage Improvement You Can Expect

Buildings, due to their construction, create a barrier to the transmission of a cell signal. Spotwave's products overcome this barrier and can take a relatively weak outdoor signal of 2 Bars or more (-100dBm) then boost and retransmit it inside the building at a full 4-5 bars on your cell phone (-85 to -80dBm).

Our SpotCell 2500 (100K sq ft model) is rated to provide signal improvement up to 100,000 sq ft in a typical cubicle farm type office environment that includes enclosed offices. The coverage area could be greater in a more open environment such as a warehouse or smaller in a more densely walled environment. Since every building is different, we recommend placing the coverage unit in zones where signal improvement is required most. The signal may diminish somewhat as it passes through walls and other obstructions such as floors or machinery.

When wall-to-wall 5 bar coverage blanketing of large buildings is required, multiple coverage units or systems may be needed. However, many of our customers are happy with the signal performance improvement using just one SpotCell 2500 system, making it is our top seller for small business applications!


Easy Set Up

Installation of our wireless coverage products is straightforward and can be performed by a Spotwave certified installer or by your company's IT staff.

Customer Testimonials

There was no question that for our ambitious wireless strategy to work, we needed an in-building coverage solution as part of the roll-out. We were extremely impressed with the Spotwave team's ability to quickly assess the requirements and propose, implement and support a robust solution in such a short timeframe. As a result, we were able to go live on schedule and ensure that our coverage was enhanced throughout the facility delivering "always-on" connectivity to our wireless devices.

Bill Hoshell,
Manager, Telecommunications and TIS,
Central DuPage Hospital


Whether we've improved coverage for an entire emergency command center or hotel boardroom, a hospital wing or a home office, our customers agree that our carrier-approved, seamless coverage is second to none. Read more customer testimonials


Network Protecting Technology

Using Spotwave's patented intelligent adaptive techniques and coverage area signature, the product will never create harmful interference on your carrier's network, ensuring continued reliable wireless services. Learn more about our network protecting capability



In order for the product to function properly you will need the following:

  • Your service provider must operate in the 850MHz or 1900MHz band
  • There should be at least 2 bars of signal where the Donor Unit will be mounted (-85dBm)
  • If there is a requirement to install the Donor Unit outside, you may need landlord permission to access the roof or an outside structure

*Per system — can be configured with multiple systems to increase coverage area. Coverage area indicated is based on typical building characteristics but not guaranteed. Coverage area will be determined by multiple factors including strength of signal received from the carrier network, construction materials, and location of Spotwave equipment. If you have any questions on pricing or coverage, please contact us - we would be happy to answer your questions.

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