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What Causes a Weak Indoor Signal?

Outdoor Coverage vs. Indoor Coverage

Great coverage outside doesn't always mean perfect coverage inside. Outdoor coverage (the macro network) has improved steadily over time with more cell sites and improved dropped call rates. But in-building coverage such as offices, commercial buildings and residences, can often be impacted by barriers beyond your carrier's control.

Building Materials and Changing Networks Conditions

Cell phones and email have increasingly become a way of staying connected no matter where we are. Building material such as concrete, cinderblock, steel, brick and tinted glass, or building locations in shadowed areas, can limit the penetration of cellular and PCS signals into your home or office. Even changes in weather and environmental conditions such as tree foliage or terrain, can affect the signal inside.

Solving the problem

Spotwave products seamlessly bring the outdoor signal inside to your home or business space. Spotwave has built a reputation for simple, reliable, cost-effective products which won't negatively impact your wireless network.

Spotwave products have successfully improved indoor coverage for thousands of business and residential locations.


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