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Solutions for your Small Business

SPOTWAVEŽ | Small BusinessYou depend on wireless technology for the success of your small business – so of course you want your cell phones and PDAs to work indoors. Spotwave makes sure they work reliably with our SpotCell indoor cell phone signal booster coverage systems – the only carrier-approved, cost-effective, adaptive solutions available for small office use.

Spotwave Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution Benefits

  • Carrier-approved and network friendly
  • Everything you need for quick deployment in an out-of-the-box solution
  • Adaptive so they always maintain a consistent coverage area in your building
  • Once installed it’s maintenance free

Benefits to You the Small Office User

  • You can finally cut the cord and go completely wireless!
  • You're reachable when you have to be, with reliable voice coverage
  • You can leverage advanced 3G data technologies and ensure that your high speed wireless data service is truly high speed
  • Connectivity, Reliability, Productivity

Customer Testimonial

The Spotwave solution is simple yet elegant. The system has been developed to be installed quickly and easily and it works for both voice and data. Now I have Verizon coverage inside my small office and firsthand experience with SpotCell's ease of installation and can attest to the fact that this is a really simple and inexpensive solution for in-building coverage problems.

Andy Seybold
Wireless Industry Analyst
Verizon Wireless Customer

How the System Works

View our quick demo video to see how our systems work and how easily they're deployed.

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