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Indoor Coverage Solutions for Enterprise

SPOTWAVEŽ | EnterpriseYour company depends wireless technology – so of course you want your cell phones and PDAs to work indoors. Spotwave makes sure they work reliably with our SpotCell indoor cell phone signal booster coverage systems – the only carrier-approved, cost-effective, adaptive solutions available.

Spotwave Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution Benefits

  • Carrier-approved and network friendly
  • Cost-effective targeted coverage – where you need it, not where you don’t
  • Everything you need for quick deployment in an out-of-the-box solution
  • Modular so you can buy what you need now, and scale it later as required
  • Adaptive so they always maintain a consistent coverage area in your building
  • Easy to Install

Benefits to Your Business

  • Mobilize your workforce with new wireless data applications that work indoors
  • Optimize your resources so your customers can reach your sales and support teams even when they’re away from their desks
  • Make your building a cell friendly zone
  • Ensure security and safety for your employees and visitors in areas like stairwells and parking garages

Customer Testimonial

Since installing the SpotCell, we have had much better coverage in areas where signals had consistently dropped before. Our staff now receives cell phone calls that had previously gone through to voice mail.

Dale Rockwell,
CanJet Airlines

How the System Works

View our quick demo video to see how our systems work and how easily they're deployed.

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