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SPOTWAVEŽ | GovernmentGovernment agencies recognize the importance of business continuity and the ability to have staff do their jobs anywhere and under any circumstances. Government organizations use a variety of wireless devices to keep officials up-to-date on the latest current events.

For field officials, wireless devices are often the primary means of accessing critical databases and resources they need, without having to drive hours to regional offices. The success of converting paper to digital format throughout government archives has put the wireless tools to accessing them in the hands of the workers in the agencies.

At all levels of government, an increasing number of agencies are working to ensure that citizens using mobile devices can easily access and interact with online government services, and government staff have wireless access to documents and forms. The business benefits of wireless use in government agencies are clear, but often the indoor wireless coverage required to use the technology is not.

That's where Spotwave comes in.

Spotwave Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution Benefits

  • Carrier-approved and network friendly
  • Cost-effective targeted coverage – only where you need it
  • Everything you need for rapid deployment in an out-of-the-box solution
  • Modular so you can buy what you need now, and scale it later as required
  • Adaptive so they always maintain a consistent coverage area in your building
  • Once installed it’s maintenance free

Benefits to Your Business

  • Maximize your IT investment in wireless technology by ensuring devices can be used indoors
  • Immediate access to critical documents and e-mails
  • Expedite response time of government workers in emergency situations
  • Ensure security and safety for staff, and visitors in areas like stairwells and parking garages
  • Minimal indoor presence, preserving the historic and architectural grace of government buildings

Our Government Deployments

Our end customers are trying to leverage wireless technology and improve communication quickly and affordably. Whether the coverage problem is in a board room, office, or lobby, we provide our government customers with carrier-approved, seamless coverage where they need it, when they need it. And our customers agree that our approach to seamless coverage is second to none.

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How the System Works

View our quick demo video to see how our systems work and how easily they're deployed.

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