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Spotwave Backgrounder: Power Emission and Battery Life

Wireless devices emit more power when they need to work harder to send and receive signals. Power emission of any kind is a concern for many people. Below we provide background on when cell phones may emit more RF energy, and how improving indoor coverage can lower the power, and ensure better battery life.

Why and When Do Phones Emit Higher Levels of Power?

Cell phones use adaptive power control, which means they transmit with the lowest possible power to allow communication with the nearest base station. The further to the nearest base station, the more obsticals to the signal (such as building materials, walls, roof, etc.), the more power your phone will use, and the more radiation will be emitted from compensation of signal loss. Inside, where signals are weakest, your cell phone will operate at maximum power in order to attain these signals.

Solving The Problem With Enhanced Indoor Coverage

A strong indoor signals means your phone will use less power and radiation. By improving your indoor coverage you shorten the signal path from your cell phone to the base station. When you install a SpotCell indoor coverage system, this path is only a few feet away since your cell phone responds to the SpotCell system instead.

The SpotCell system transmits the wireless signal to the cell tower which means your cell phone emits less power, stays cooler and your battery lasts longer.

A Closer Look at The Power of Our Indoor Coverage System

It's important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t substitute one power concern with another when looking to enhance coverage and battery life for wireless devices. There are several devices on the market claiming to enhance your indoor coverage with a product that emits up to 3,000 milliwatts of power! This is not a good option for an enterprise or hospital is looking to benefit from reduced RF emissions while improving wireless reception.

Unlike traditional amplifiers, Spotwave’s products emit very low RF power - between 1 and 4 milliwatts.

Spotwave products lower the overall RF energy indoors by providing consistent coverage so your wireless devices emit less power.


  • Spotwave products lower the RF energy in your building by providing consistent coverage, ensuring your phones and PDAs do not emit maximum power.
  • Unlike traditional amplifiers which emit up to 3,000 milliwatts of power, SpotCell Enterprise Products transmit less than 4 milliwatts while SpotCell Home products transmit less than 1 milliwatt indoors.
  • A cell phone inside the home or building with poor coverage has to transmit several hundred milliwatts of power to reach the base-station. By improving indoor coverage, your cell phones and PDAs transmit less power by communicating with a device closer than the base station.
  • When your wireless devices use less power, battery life is extended
  • SpotCell systems can increase standby time by up to 60% and increase talk time by up to 100%
  • SpotCell systems mean lower RF energy and power emissions, which lowers the risk of interference with other electronic equipment.
  • Spotwave commercial devices are carrier specific and configured to operate and enhance coverage for only one specific sub-band. They do not interfere with adjacent carrier networks.


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