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Third Generation technology promises broadband speeds for wireless applications and the internet, including over-the-air streaming audio and video.

In addition to increasing capacity for more users, new 3G wireless broadband networks offer fast and secure wireless connections to the Internet, and exciting new data applications for mobile devices such as position location and mapping, audio and video content, application downloading over the airwaves, multimedia messaging and video conferencing.

3G services offer subscribers and enterprises high-speed access from connected computers while providing wireless carriers the opportunity to offer next generation business applications through a wireless infrastructure. However, the same in-building coverage problems which plagued first and second generation technologies also affect 3G - strong signals are required for wireless voice and data applications to work reliably indoors.

The Issue

While 3G services offer efficient wireless access to data, often it does not meet its potential where the need to use the wireless network is greatest – indoors. Building materials such as concrete and tinted glass or building location can prevent a wireless signal from penetrating - severely compromising the benefits of enhanced wireless data technologies. While spotty voice coverage where signal quality is marginal is often tolerated, users and customers paying for broadband data services will not be satisfied with severely diminished throughput.

That’s where Spotwave’s Indoor Coverage Solution comes in.

The same factors that affect the ability to make and receive voice calls on a mobile phone directly affect actual throughput for wireless data applications. Since the next generation digital standards of 3G mean higher bandwidth, to achieve advertised data rates indoors means having a strong wireless signal. Spotwave's solution is just what the market needs to address this type of coverage requirement.

Andrew Seybold
Editor-in-Chief, 3GToday
Principal Analyst at Outlook4Mobility


Spotwave's Solution

If you are currently evolving your network to offer subscribers high speed data access with EVDO or UMTS, now is the time to consider Spotwave’s indoor coverage systems to ensure optimum coverage. We provide our carrier customers with a solution guaranteed to protect network integrity and cost-effectively address your enterprise customer requirements for enhanced coverage for their 3G based applications.

If you're a customer considering broad deployment of 3G wireless data applications for business, or an individual user reliant on enhanced wireless data services, indoor coverage is a critical factor.


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