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What do we mean by Carrier-Approved?

Carrier Approved Protects NetworkSpotwave Wireless has the only out-of-box solution certified by carriers across North America. Carriers have spent billions of dollars for their wireless spectrum – it's their most valuable asset. In addition, carriers are legally responsible for ensuring they do not interfere with another carrier's spectrum. This means that you're prohibited from using any product which could interfere with a carrier's network.

This is not a concern if you deploy a SpotCell indoor coverage system. Spotwave has worked closely with carriers to determine what impacts their networks. We go well beyond minimum requirements for coverage enhancement, ensuring our products will never interfere with a carrier's network. Our solutions adapt to changes in the wireless environmentwhich means we'll never negatively impact the network. The same can’t be said for other products which can create unwanted noise and interference. FCC and other regulatory approvals do not guarantee a product is compatible with a carrier’s network, nor do they mean a product is certified and approved by a carrier.

What does this mean to you? Spotwave has the only integrated solution approved for use in carrier networks, and our systems maintain spectrum integrity. We ensure your organization will not interfere with any carrier network when you improve your coverage with Spotwave.

This peace of mind is a critical consideration for your business.

What the Industry Says

As we ran our coverage survey I learned how smart this SpotCell system is. It is constantly measuring the incoming signal and adjusting the output signal so that full two-way coverage is maintained. It is also designed to minimize interference to the other cellular operator. The day after my Verizon system was installed one of our sub-contractors showed up with an AT&T phone and was able to use his phone in the driveway without any problems interference.

Andy Seybold
Industry Analyst


Interference is a real concern for many broadband wireless carriers. It is an issue that promises to grow in importance.

Timothy Downs
Broadband Wireless Magazine, April 2004


Harmful interference to a licensed radio service from a Part 15 device is a violation of FCC rules.

Sharon Bowers
Deputy Chief of the Consumer Inquiries and Complaint Division
Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Federal Communications Commission


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